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A Parent and Toddler Program

"I was unsure about having my young 3 year old (end of August birthday) start preschool this past fall but having him participate in A Montessori Nest's school readiness (Parent and Toddler) program gave us both the confidence needed. He adjusted to the start of the school year quite quickly, and I really do believe it went so smoothly due to his opportunity to build skills and gain confidence at A Montessori Nest. Many thanks!" - Diann


Program Details

This is a program for you and your toddler. Experience a beautiful and warm Montessori classroom and home environment together. Learn how the method can help you establish a respectful relationship with your child that will last far beyond childhood. Enjoy the small group community and make new local friends that can support you both.

Cost and Logistics

The program consists of 30 parent - child classes Tuesdays 9-11am and 6 parent discussion groups Mondays 7-8:30pm

Section 1

Weekly classes - September 3rd - October 1st 

Parent discussion evening - September 30th

Section 2

Weekly classes - October 8th - November 5th

Parent discussion evening - November 4th

Section 3

Weekly classes - November 12th - December 17th - No Class November 26th

Parent discussion evening - December 16th 

Section 4

Weekly classes - January 14th - February 11th - Tuesdays - 9-11am

Parent discussion evening - Monday - February 10th - 7-8:30pm

Section 5

Weekly classes - February 18th - April 1st - No class March 18th 

Parent discussion evening - March 31st 

Section 6

Weekly classes - April 8th - May 6th

Parent discussion evening - May 5th 

$25 per child per session/$125 per section/$750 for the full program

Payment must be made in advance for each section.

If there is space available, a family may join the program at any time.

Two weeks notice is required for families wishing to exit the program early.

Parents or caregivers are required to attend with their children.

The program is limited to eight children.

For any child age 18 months to 3 years old approximately.

Program Benefits

For the child

- Explore materials designed to help you learn as easily as possible.

- Have space and support to master independence skills so that you are ready for preschool, kindergarten, day care or simply so you can “I do it” whenever you want.

- Enjoy working alongside other children, be inspired and know you are not alone in your development.


For the parent or caregiver

- Discover how to present materials to your child the Montessori way.

- Learn how to support rather than lead your child’s natural development.

- Explore when and how to intervene with your child’s behavior and interactions.

- Discuss common parenting issues with a supportive group and guide,

- Receive guidance in reflecting on your own parenting style

- Be inspired to consciously make parenting choices that are right for you and your family.


For the whole family or caregiving team

- Experience a Montessori classroom and home environment together.

- Learn the basics about Maria Montessori and her pedagogy.

- Learn and practice how to respectfully engage with each other.

- Be part of creating an enduring community of local Montessori families.

What can I expect?

- Each child will have their personal needs and goals addressed.

- Adult education will be delivered through emailed articles and discussion groups.

- Focus will be given to independence skills and the work cycle over curriculum.

- Traditional Montessori materials as well as teacher made materials will be provided. 

- Tea, coffee, water and snacks are provided at each class for all dietary needs.

- Please look at our gallery to see images of the space.

Class Schedule

  9:00 Arrive and get settled

  9:10 Group lesson 

  9:15 Individual material work 

  9:50 Tidy up

10:00 Communal snack

10:10 Open play for children and discussion for adults

11:00 Class ends

What happens next?

- As soon as you'd like to commit to the program, please click on the register here button below and submit that. If you would prefer not to submit information via that form then feel free to email directly.

- First you'll receive a registration email where I'll confirm suitability, availability and arrange payment.​

- Second you'll receive an orientation email which will address everything else you'll need to know to attend, including providing the exact location of the program.​

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