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A Montessori at Home Course

"This is a very warm and welcoming environment where you can experience the Montessori family life. Tracy is wonderful with the kids and moms and very knowledgeable about child rearing but also rich of interesting stories!" - Laura


Course Details

Learn about Montessori at Home and Montessori Parenting alongside your child with a qualified Montessori guide at a spacious home school setting in northwest Longmont. 

Cost and Logistics

Current start dates include:

Saturday August 31st and October 12th

$175 per child

$265 for two siblings attending the same program

One space per course is pay what you can

No additional costs for additional caregivers

Program consists of six weekly classes

Program is limited to eight children

Classes are from 9am-11am 

Children aged 0 - 3 years approximately

Program Benefits

- Learn the basics about Maria Montessori and her pedagogy.

- Get to experience a prepared environment with Montessori materials.

- See how you can apply Montessori principles in your own home.

- Learn how to observe and follow the child.

- Join and help build the A Montessori Nest community.

What can I expect?

- Each parent and caregiver registered to the course will receive a weekly email to read.

- Nursing and napping during class is encouraged. The child's schedule is more important than ours so everything is flexible to meet their needs.

- Tea, Coffee, water and snacks are available each class in addition to a communal snack provided for the children who are eating solids.

- Please look at our gallery to see images from a typical class session.

Class Schedule

  9:00 Arrive and get settled

  9:10 Group welcome 

  9:15 Guided work and observation

  9:50 Tidy up

10:00 Communal snack

10:10 Open play and discussion

10:30 Social time and questions

11:00 Class ends

What happens next?

- As soon as you'd like to commit to the course, please click on the registration form below and submit that. If you would prefer not to submit information via that form then feel free to email directly.

- First you'll receive a registration email where I'll confirm suitability, availability and arrange payment.​

- Second you'll receive an orientation email which will address everything else you'll need to know to attend, including providing the exact location of the course.​

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