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Personal Coaching and Consultations

"I consulted with Tracy on two different projects, my son’s nursery and our playroom. She gave me comprehensive advice on how to take a Montessori approach to setting up each space. I was so impressed with how thoughtful and knowledgeable she was. She was able to design the spaces so that they were developmentally appropriate and encouraged my children to explore the spaces so that they were stimulating emotional, mental and physical growth. She is such a grounded individual and truly loves what she does. I highly recommend her!" - Sarah


Consultation Details

The personal coaching and consultation service can be used to meet whatever Montessori or parenting need you may have.​

Cost and Logistics

Free initial 20 minute consultation to assess fit and establish expectations

$65 per hour thereafter

Online or in person

What can I expect?

With personal coaching and consultations I really am at your service.

Previously but not exclusively I have helped with​:

- designing Montessori aligned spaces throughout the home

- developing curriculum or ideas for developmentally appropriate materials

- providing weekly parenting guidance in response to your needs

- addressing a particular behavioral or developmental concern together

- delivering bespoke Montessori training individually and to groups

- advising on the development of a parent run Montessori playgroup

References or testimonials for any of these can be made available upon request.

What happens next?

If you would like to proceed or have any queries, please contact me through the contact us form or via email at 

I will answer your questions or arrange a twenty minute free consultation.

Then we can take it from there.

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