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Montessori at Home Workshop

"I absolutely loved your Montessori workshop. I keep talking about it, and feel so inspired to make small changes in my home after the workshop. I found the material and you, very compelling and enjoyable!" - Jenessa


Workshop Details

This online or in person workshop introduces you to Maria Montessori, her pedagogy and the current Montessori landscape. More specifically, the workshop helps you begin to apply Montessori principles to your home and to your family relationships. For families with children up to six years old. 

Cost and Logistics


Saturday May 7th, 9am - 1pm - in person. 

- $50 per person $75 per couple (Any pairing of the child's caregivers)

- 4 hour workshop, typically on a weekend.

- Location in North West Longmont provided after registration.

- Limited to 6 people per workshop.

- Infants in arms are welcome to attend with caregivers.

- Includes a personal follow up consultation session.

What can I expect?

The main areas covered in the Workshop include:

- fundamental philosophy and principles.

- differences between a Montessori home and a Montessori school.

- being a Montessori family, guiding behaviors and routines.

- setting up the home or environment to enable independence.

- choosing materials and curriculum.

The workshop addresses any particular concerns, questions and situations relevant to all the participants. There is time to share experiences and understand how to personally apply the method. 

Refreshments are included for in person workshops as well as the opportunity to explore the materials and spaces at A Montessori Nest.

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