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Preparing for the First Year Workshop

"I took a workshop with Tracy about a month before my son was due. She taught about the first year of your child's life and how to implement the Montessori technique into your way of parenting. She taught us how to set up your home to encourage Montessori living. She is very honest and real about parenting with the Montessori technique. I enjoyed how the class did not feel militant and strict. It was more open and welcoming. I learned a lot, took lots of notes. But in the end, I feel like I was taught in such a way that her words and knowledge just stuck with me. Perhaps its her accent." - Jessica


Workshop Details

Honestly, most people come to Montessori when they are considering preschools or day care for the child in their care. Even more honestly, many regret not knowing about this philosophy and practice from the birth of the child in their care. However with this workshop, you don't have to be most people!  Whether this is the first child in your care or seventh, there is something in this workshop to help you prepare.

Cost and Logistics


Saturday May 14th, 10am - 12noon, in person.

- $35 per person $50 per couple (Any pairing of the child's caregivers.)

- 2 hour workshop, typically on a weekend.

- Location in North West Longmont provided after registration.

- Limited to 6 people per workshop.

- Infants in arms are welcome to attend with caregivers.

What can I expect?

The main areas covered in the Workshop include:

- Maria Montessori's philosophy and guiding principles.

- Learning how capable and susceptible a newborn is.

- How to prepare yourself for this new role and responsibility.

- How to adjust a home or other environment to best meet a newborn's needs.


The workshop addresses any particular concerns, questions and situations relevant to the participants. There is time to share experiences and understand how to personally apply the method. 

Refreshments are included for in person workshops as well as the opportunity to explore the materials and spaces at A Montessori Nest.

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